About Us

The Indie Book Network began as a social media site, dedicated to the indie community. We wanted to give indie authors and readers a place to be free from the restrictions set by other social media outlets. Creating the site was a difficult decision for the both of us and in the end, we decided that the community had a need for something different; something better.

Now, the Indie Book Network is exactly what you have asked for. We compiled data, analyzed activity and restructured the site to give you a place to find your favorite authors and the books that keep you wanting more from them.

Our solution is The Indie Book Network. It is now a one stop shop for all of your selling and reading needs. Looking for a specific genre? Author? Book? New read? We have designed this site to help you do just that.


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Our story

Following the January 2016 release of his debut novel Reddened Wasteland, Kyle Perkins dove headfirst into the world of indie publishing. A master of blending genres and bringing complex ideas to an everyday level, his work promises to entertain and stimulate the mind. He does not believe in confining his creativity to one category – his books span a variety of genres, from dystopian to horror to scifi to romance to occult, and he has no plans to stop there. In books and on social media, Kyle unabashedly tackles controversial subjects in the thoughtful and humorous kind of way that he has become known for. To him, censoring his genuine self is far more horrifying than any alternative. His upcoming endeavors include: Several new releases, including the highly-anticipated second book in the Reddened Wasteland trilogy; planning and promoting the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention that is taking place in July of 2017; assisting with The Indie Book Channel on YouTube; and, of course, connecting with his audience as much as possible through social media.

Virginia is a mom to two beautiful children and resides in Minnesota. Any spare time is spent watching TV, reading, facebooking and spending time with friends. She’s married to Thai Preyer PA ;), yet owned by Kyle Perkins as his PA. *these two run my life*
A love for reading and writing is a new concept for Virginia. Before the Twilight rave and a need to know the ending after Eclipse was released in theaters, Virginia preferred to watch the movie or convince a friend to read the book for her. Needing to know the story of a random homeless man that she encountered on a freeway exit ramp, was the only reason she began writing in the first place. Soulless Nights spawned from the unknown story and a dare from her friends.

Virginia has expanded her love for books by planning and hosting The Tampa Indie Author Book Convention. As a co-owner of The Indie Book Channel on YouTube, the opportunity to help others experience books and events that they otherwise couldn’t has helped her to share her passion for the Indie Community.
She has had the pleasure of working with some of her favorite authors. Street teams, beta reading and cover modeling were what led her to the world of writing.
She currently PA’s for Kyle Perkins and has begun co-writing Humanity’s Ark: Kepler with him.
Currently she has released Soulless Nights, Revenge; a short story within the anthology Doctrine of Indecency: 18 Coveted Tales of Lust, and Vindicate.
Humanity’s Ark: Kepler (Kyle Perkins), Always; Never, Seraphine’s (Julia Clare) October 2016, Freeing Olivia (Ellen Wilder), and Soulless Days are current WIP’s, soon to be released.

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