The Plastic Face Part 2 (The Solomon Sisters Book 1)


Jessie Solomon grew up with a mother and father that have a strong stable relationship that has outlasted most connections. Why is the oldest child of three flailing through her life and completely unstable? Why can’t she see the forest for the trees? Her two sisters Jelly and Jerry are progressing and succeeding in life with few issues but on every turn Jessie seems to hit a brick wall. When will her life come together and she can finally live happily ever after?
Then Darren tall dark and full of wonder, swaggers in to her life wanting to right all the wrongs that she’s encountered. He wants to be better than the husband she lost in an ATM robbery. However, he consistently falls short of any target he strives for to impress her. Darren has his own past to sort out, and as long as he keeps his secrets she will love, respect and trust him.
Jessie is an enigma, he loves her but he just can’t figure out who she is or what she wants.
Unfortunately that makes two of them.

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