Night Walker (Undeadly Secrets Book 1)

April 21, 2017

By Aaron Speer Raised by her aunt as a baby after the death of her father and her mother being institutionalized, Alexandra “Alex” Hensley grew up determined to put the past behind her. As such, her boyfriend Matt and best friend Lauren, became her new family, and her love for them was unquestioned. On a night out, the trio meet Dante Delavega, owner of the hottest nightclub in Sydney. Despite…


Sanguine Malum

April 16, 2017

By Lila Vale ***TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains adult content – blood, sex, violence, bad language and the occasional cliché. Continue at your own risk.*** The war has ended, but the bad blood remains. Long ago, the vampires took control. Now, they run the cities and make the rules with little regard for the race they slaughtered to get there. With no rights and fewer options, some humans serve themselves…